Pre-Primary (Nursery to Senior K.G.)

The naturally curious minds are exposed to conditions that can evoke freedom of thought and expression. Language development, concept formation, socio emotional skills along with fine and gross motor development happen simultaneously through exploration, interrogation and eventually selfdiscovery. This can build confident youngsters who feel free to be creative and motivated to learn.

  • "What to Expect From Your 3-year Old"
    • Motor Development
      • Is strengthening muscles used for running, jumping and throwing
      • Is strengthening muscles used for running, jumping and throwing
    • Social/Emotional Development
      • Can make choices between two things
      • Is a good observer and likes to be praised for his work
    • Language Development
      • Uses language more to communicate than gestures
      • Can speak in short sentences
      • Enjoys rhymes, songs and is able to tell simple stories
  • "What to Expect From Your 4-year Old"
    • Motor Development
      • Can walk in a straight line, hop, jump over small objects, skip, climb and throw and catch a ball easily
      • Recognize and make shapes out of molding clay and print his/her name
    • Social/Emotional Development
      • Shows willingness for new activities under supervision
      • Has creative imagination
    • Language Development
      • Can speak fluently is sentences upto 8 words
      • Asks questions and shows curiosity
      • Enjoys to share information with others
  • "What to Expect From Your 5 Year Old"
    • Identifies basic colours and shapes, understands positional concepts like up/down, far/near, over/under, in/out, off/on
    • Identifies pictures and objects, follows directions, recites alphabets and can identify uppercase and lowercase letters, repeats poems from memory